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Running any script reports the error "Failure getting information from builder localhost: Cannot read license file: No such file or directory (2)"

A license file named "license" must be present in the installation directory of the builder on the build machine, c:\Program Files\TinyBuilder or /opt/TinyBuilder by default.

When running a script tbuild reports it cannot connect to a builder

There is a problem preventing a TCP connection. Ensure the following:

  1. Ensure that the machine running tbuild can resolve the name of the builder. Pass the name of the builder from the error message to ping to confirm if there is a name resolution problem.
  2. Ensure that the "TinyBuilder Job Service" is installed and running on the builder. The TinyBuilder installation will install this service to run automatically if the builder component was installed.
  3. Run the "netstat -a" command on the builder to ensure that the builder is listening to TCP port 5016. The builder listens for connections on this port.
  4. Ensure that no firewall is preventing a TCP connection from the coordinator to the builder. The TinyBuilder installation will configure the Windows firewall to permit incoming connections to TCP port 5016 when the builder component is installed. However, the TinyBuilder installation cannot configure any other firewalls in your network. This explanation is more likely when the builder and coordinator are in different offices.

The file system containing /tmp is running out of space.

By adding the line:


to /etc/tbuilder.conf, the builder will place the file caches in the specified directory after it is restarted.

To restart the builder, execute the command appropriate to your distribution:

The Windows install fails because the Anti-Virus blocks tbuilder.exe.

To resolve this problem, configure the Anti-Virus to allow tbuilder.exe to run. Once properly configured, the AV will permit a re-install. So uninstall TinyBuilder and install it again.

Attempting to run the 32-bit Linux install results in 'No such file or directory'.

When installing 32-bit TinyBuilder on 64-bit Linux, the correct ELF interpreter must be present or attempting to execute the installation will result in the above error. To resolve the problem, install the 64-bit version of TinyBuilder or install the appropriate package for your distribution to install '/lib/ld-linux.so.2'.

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Previous Builds

Fixed in version 1.1.0

  1. Status messages are printed to stderr instead of stdout.
  2. Lines containing only whitespace may crash the parser.
  3. If a directory in the path of an output file exists as a file, tbuild will crash when the job completes.

Fixed in version 1.0.3 Download

  1. Not all flag block headers accepted by the parser take effect.
  2. When two jobs inherit from the same base job, the input file list and output file list of the second job will reflect data values of the first.

Fixed in version 1.0.2 Download

  1. Prevent the TinyBuilder Job Service process from hanging when it crashes.
  2. Restart the TinyBuilder Job Service automatically when it crashes.
  3. The TinyBuilder Job Service ignores the configured port.
  4. Enhance tbuild.exe to use the configured port as the default port.

Fixed in version 1.0.1 Download

  1. Treat the plural forms of all block headers as equivalent to their singular forms.

To download version 1.0, click here.